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While the creator of shekhu was struggling to chase his passion of promoting untapped Indian Heritage Culture & Traditional Home-Stay concept globally, he realised that key to any business in this era of 21st century is strong information Technology Support. As he struggled with lack of proper I.T support for nearly 15 months, he himself started learning the programming languages ( Javascript, Python ). Henceforth he started provide simple and accessible technical support for new entrepreneurs and start-ups


In Today's world, most of fresh start-ups and entrepreneurs struggle with misguidence and lack of technology support.Most of these are from non I.T background or non technically expert. Hence they end up paying huge bills for big technology companies or keep wasting there time to find a capable one within budget. So with an idea of making Internet technology Essential and Recognized tool for increasing business opportunities and growth, we here open the doors for all freshers to give us a opportunity to solve all your technical hiccups. from website development to technical consultancy, We provide you with all the web related services

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